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The word “sapphire” has its origin from the Latin word “saphirus” and the Greek word “sapheiros” which mean blue. Sapphires have been prized gemstones since 800BC. Ancient lore says that the tablet upon which Ten Commandments were written, was actually sapphire. Sir Richard Francis Burton, the Great Oriental Traveler referred his large star sapphire as […]

Finding the right piece of jewelry can be quite the challenge. Luckily, we live in modern ages when you don’t have to go from one jewelry shop to another, but instead go online and find exactly what you wish for. If you are looking for some beautiful affordable sapphire rings, then you have to visit […]

Since time immemorial, Sapphire was one of the few precious gems that were highly revered and sought after. It’s deep blue color has mesmerized the eyes of many throughout history. In astrology, it is widely believed that the Sapphire brings better health, calmness, luck and more. Because of man’s fascination with these marvels, it was […]