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Rings are arguably the most somber of all jewelries on the market. There is always a meaning behind the ring that one wears or at least people expect that there is a meaning behind it. However, rings can be worn without there being a special meaning behind it. If there is a meaning, it is […]

Did the man after your heart present you with a sapphire engagement ring? Well, Sapphire engagement rings are among the most valuable jewelry that your spouse can present to you. These rings are second to diamonds when it comes to durability. Sapphire engagement rings have continued to gain more popularity among the masses. It is […]

I can still vividly recall that one special night when, my then-boyfriend and now my stunning husband, got down to one knee after a wonderful dinner date at our favorite rendezvous with this exquisitely beautiful sapphire ring in the box held with both hands. And now, twenty-five years later and looking at my sapphire engagement […]