Rings are often considered some of the most beautiful Jewelries of all times and it is one of the reasons that rings are worn during marriage events and other engagements as well. Rings define a new status and style for people and ??Sapphire Ring Desire’ brings a new status and new styles to rings. They […]

It’s an old adage that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. With time, things have also changed. Now, the brides are opting for colored stones instead of diamonds. When we talk about colored stones, we ought to mention Sapphire. Celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Kate Middleton have also flashed their elegant Sapphire rings proving that […]

Rings are arguably the most somber of all jewelries on the market. There is always a meaning behind the ring that one wears or at least people expect that there is a meaning behind it. However, rings can be worn without there being a special meaning behind it. If there is a meaning, it is […]

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The word “sapphire” has its origin from the Latin word “saphirus” and the Greek word “sapheiros” which mean blue. Sapphires have been prized gemstones since 800BC. Ancient lore says that the tablet upon which Ten Commandments were written, was actually sapphire. Sir Richard Francis Burton, the Great Oriental Traveler referred his large star sapphire as […]

Sapphire is considered to be one of the most precious gemstones because of its luster and durability. It is a precious gemstone which provides excellent hardness and color. The most regal and luxurious jewelry pieces incorporate sapphire in their designs. It is also one of the most sought after gemstones in the market because of […]

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There are online jewelry stores – and there is “Sapphire Ring Desire”. A friend of mine suggested that I look at this sapphire rings store for my 10th anniversary gift (my very practical husband simply gave me his credit card and asked me to go ahead – Oh, how I love him !). I was […]

Finding the right piece of jewelry can be quite the challenge. Luckily, we live in modern ages when you don’t have to go from one jewelry shop to another, but instead go online and find exactly what you wish for. If you are looking for some beautiful affordable sapphire rings, then you have to visit […]

Since time immemorial, Sapphire was one of the few precious gems that were highly revered and sought after. It’s deep blue color has mesmerized the eyes of many throughout history. In astrology, it is widely believed that the Sapphire brings better health, calmness, luck and more. Because of man’s fascination with these marvels, it was […]

Rings have been in existence since time immemorial and have been changing their designs and shapes with time. In the ancient times, the cavemen used to wear grass strands as rings. The royal people of Egypt came up with the innovation of gemstone rings and this is when the star sapphire ring comes to the […]

Did the man after your heart present you with a sapphire engagement ring? Well, Sapphire engagement rings are among the most valuable jewelry that your spouse can present to you. These rings are second to diamonds when it comes to durability. Sapphire engagement rings have continued to gain more popularity among the masses. It is […]

Sapphire is a mineral which is is predominantly found in the color of blue. The name of sapphire comes from the word ??sappheiros’, which translated from Greek means ??blue stone’. The blue color is due to the chemical composition of iron and titanium. Sapphire symbolizes purity, chastity and constancy. Therefore, a sapphire ring will be […]

Sapphire engagement and engagement rings are among some of the most treasured jewels around the world. This gem is stunning and as described by many, it is second only to the diamond. It is a kind of ring that will definitely last a lifetime. The love for these rings has seen quite a number of […]

I can still vividly recall that one special night when, my then-boyfriend and now my stunning husband, got down to one knee after a wonderful dinner date at our favorite rendezvous with this exquisitely beautiful sapphire ring in the box held with both hands. And now, twenty-five years later and looking at my sapphire engagement […]

It is always common hearing people referring to the blue color of sapphire. However, sapphire is actually a gemstone. It is a stunning gem second to diamond and has wide shades of the rainbow colours with exception of red. The red shade of the mineral is called ruby. The blue sapphire is the most popular […]

The wide world of fashion will always be rapidly changing, but rings are forever timeless. Rings have long been a beloved piece of jewelry that allows it’s wearers to make a bold fashion statement. Whether it’s for a casual brunch, formal dinners, or a night out on the town…rings look absolutely fabulous no matter what […]