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Sapphire Ring Desire offers a wide selection of sapphire rings, which allows them to offer some of the best deals on sapphire rings. They make the effort to find affordable sapphire rings so that looking like a million bucks doesn’t cost a million bucks. They have a fully functional blog, which allows you to learn about how to do many things with your new sapphire ring, from how to clean it to stacking it.

Gorgeous Ring Designs

They have some gorgeous ring designs, there’s a little something for everyone at Sapphire Ring Desire. They don’t just have blue sapphires, they have some pink sapphires, yellow sapphires, and white sapphires as well as black sapphires. They have silver rings as well as gold, and even star sapphires! Blue is considered sapphire’s “true” color though it comes in a wide variety of colors. The red color of Corundum, what sapphire is made out of, is actually ruby.

The rest of the colors are sapphire. Sapphire rings require little care, which makes them a long-lasting and less expensive choice for an engagement ring or just an everyday ring. They do not need special jewelry cleaners to clean the grime that may accumulate on the band. There are detailed instructions on the blog on how to remove that grime from your ring using regular dish soap or baking soda depending on the material of your ring.

Interesting Blog

On the blog, there is also detailed instructions on how to create your own customized star sapphire ring. Star sapphires are very unique, and the more detailed the star inclusion, the higher the price. But don’t let that stop you! You can create your very own ring following the instructions on the blog if the star sapphire rings available do not suit your taste. Also on the blog are tips on how to stack your rings, the power of the pink sapphire, why the gold and sapphire rings are stylish and even a personal story of someone with a sapphire engagement ring for 25 years!

Sapphires stand for purity, knowledge, blessings and truth. It is also September’s birthstone. This makes sapphire an excellent choice for an engagement ring instead of the classic diamond. The sapphire is almost as hard as the diamond, making it an excellent replacement. Still want diamonds? Many sapphire rings come with diamonds as well as accents. So you can have your cake and eat it too. There is a wide selection available of sapphire and diamond rings available. Blue sapphire was a stone of love, commitment, and fidelity, making it the perfect stone for an engagement ring.

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Easy To Navigate Website

The Sapphire Ring Desire website is easy to navigate, clearing marking their sale items. You can look through each of the categories available, such as each variety of sapphire and various setting metals, such as gold and silver. You can even sort by price if you are on a budget, or want to buy the most expensive ring available. Want to buy something less popular? You can even sort by popularity, making it easy to find a unique ring.

To really have a unique ring, go with a unique stone – the black sapphire. Black sapphires are often overlooked, as they are not as popular as a black diamond even though they are just as beautiful and durable. But that works in your favor if you’re looking for an amazing statement piece, or just a regular every day unique to you ring. There is a wide variety available to you. The black sapphire is known for its protection and grounding, as well as its ability to bring out the confidence in one’s own intuition.

Easy To Checkout

The Sapphire Ring Desire website’s shopping cart makes it easy to view what you are considering buying. It is constantly at the top right of the screen, so it’s easy to access as well. They certainly make it easy for you to purchase. The site automatically figures out what country you reside in, and makes it simple to see if your ring design choice is available there.

Make sure you keep your sapphire rings away from your other jewelry, as sapphire can scratch most other gemstones, and can be scratched by diamonds. You can use a jewelry box with separate compartments or keep your sapphires safe in their own pouch. This doesn’t only protect your sapphires, but any other gemstones in your collection. No sense in dulling the shine of your favorite pieces accidentally, keep them protected.

Sapphires is a stone of wisdom, royalty, prophecy and Divine favor, and is a jewel steeped in the history, and even the lore, of nearly every religion. It was believed to provide protection, luck, and spiritual insights, as well as being a symbol of wise judgment, power, strength, and kindness. Sapphire is still the Stone of Wisdom even today, a stone of gaining knowledge, mental acuity, psychic activation and a seeker of spiritual truth.

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Sapphire History

In history, King Solomon is said to have worn a talisman of sapphire. The Greeks wore it to have wisdom when seeking answers to their questions from the Oracle, especially the one at Delphi in Apollo’s Shrine. In lore Abraham is also said to wear a talisman of sapphire, and when Moses received the Ten Commandments and the Law it is said they were written on sapphire tablets. Each variation of sapphire is said to have its own meaning ascribed to it.

Sapphire learned to preserve chastity, discover fraud and treachery as well as to protect the wearer from poison, fever, skin diseases, and plague. It was also thought to protect its wearer against black magic and any ill-wishing done to them. Sapphire is also thought to have many healing properties, such as allowing the release of mental tension. Always ensure that you remove any sapphire jewelry given to you by an ex – it is thought to bring about attachment to the other or bitter feelings towards the other.

Overall, Sapphire Ring Desire is an excellent site, that will only grow as time goes on. A simple and easy to navigate site, Sapphire Ring Desire makes shopping a breeze. If you are looking for that perfect sapphire ring, you can find it here – or find out how to completely custom design your own ring! You can find the best deals on sapphire rings at Sapphire Ring Desire.