The Perfect Sapphire Rings Store!

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There are online jewelry stores – and there is “Sapphire Ring Desire”. A friend of mine suggested that I look at this sapphire rings store for my 10th anniversary gift (my very practical husband simply gave me his credit card and asked me to go ahead – Oh, how I love him !). I was a little skeptical at first – I wasn’t sure whether a sapphire was what I wanted; but believe me, I was absolutely amazed and delighted after my first shopping experience at Sapphire Ring Desire, Needless to say, I am a fan of the store and of their amazing range of sapphires and it’s our family’s favorite online jewelry haunt now.

Online Web Page And Site

First of all, I’d like to talk about the online web page and site. Absolutely free of clutter and easy to navigate. The sapphires are classified by color and combination and are so easy on the eye. Beautifully taken pictures of the rings available in fine detail and clarity. What I also really liked was the different angle views which allows you to make all important choice with much more surety.

The pages load easily and do not hang. Another very important plus were the relevant but simple drop downs and filter options. The acid test surely was when my grandmother of 82 years did her very first “online buy” as she calls it at Sapphire Ring Desire and gave it her ‘Thumbs Up’. In all honesty, ease of website navigation has always guided my choice of online shopping and this site sits at the very top.

Stylish And Graceful Rings

But what really gave me that really all important ‘WOW’ were the absolutely stylish and graceful rings on offer. I use the word ‘graceful’ because I simply cannot imagine any woman adorning one of these rings and not feeling like royalty. If anything, these rings are the epitome of elegance and class. Fashionable designs, clean make and cut were evident in each ring.

If anything, you’d feel like buying them all. The choices are absolutely endless, designs that can cater to every discerning shopper and a classy feel and look that ensures that every buy is totally worth it. You could think of just about any occasion and you’d find a ring to suit the mood and the reason. A gift for a friend, a lover, or a relative; these elegantly crafted rings are all about quality and finesse.

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Variety Of Colors

And the colors of the sapphires! My entire knowledge of sapphires were about them being blue. Not so ! Not after “Sapphire Ring Desire”. The amazing variety on offer in terms of pink, yellow, gold, blue and white sapphires taught me otherwise. Equally stunning and elegant, these colored sapphire rings have a character all of their own and for the wearer. Colored sapphires available in a myriad of combinations – with white stones or diamonds, in sterling silver or with gold plating. I was quite surprised to note that black sapphires made a bold style statement and could be paired with fashionable dresses on an evening date. Well, so much for sapphires being just blue.

Another section which I absolutely love is the ‘sapphire and diamond’ rings category of the site. It’s from this section that I actually bought my first “Sapphire Ring Desire” ring (my 10th anniversary ring remember?). Exquisitely crafted with white diamonds and sapphires, and set in sterling silver or 10 k to 14 k gold, these masterpieces simply scream elegance and are a must have. Depending on the design, you have the option of choosing the metal, the accompanying diamond carat, rings can be resized as well.

Call me a sentimental buyer, but I also love the names given to each of the rings- the effort and care taken to give beautiful names also influences my buying choices. There is also a’ Silver Sapphire Rings’ section which features unique and wonderfully mesmerizing designs. Couples in love are spoiled for choice with the engagement ring sets on offer – aptly suited for that special occasion.Of course, I’d be amiss if I did not talk about the blue sapphire rings because that is what sapphires are about really !

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Large Collection

This sapphire rings store features the largest collection of rings and blue sapphires of magnificent hues and shades, this category easily has something for everyone and for every event or occasion. The word ‘blue’ takes on a whole new meaning when you browse through the product catalog. You simply cannot go wrong when you buy one of these rings. They could be minimal, ornate, intricate, solid- Sapphire Ring Desire product designs are inspired and unique.

There are other great features about Sapphire Ring Desire as well. There is a blog that has a whole lot of necessary information for even the most ignorant of buyers. Need to know about the upkeep and maintenance of your sapphire? All that information and a lot more is available in the blog. Constantly updated and and publishing newer articles and posts, it also tells you the story behind your sapphire and other interesting shares. Did you know that a sapphire symbolizes purity, chastity and constancy?

Great Tips And Information

All that one needs to know about storage of the rings, the material as well as small bits of information to ensure that your jewelry stays new and untarnished. This as well as other interesting tit-bits, useful tips and other relevant information is available on the site’s blog. I find Sapphire Ring Desire’s elegant creations an apt gift for just about any occasion – Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Weddings, Anniversaries, name it all ! Their gift boxes are Oh so exquisite and dreamlike; the perfect gifting option!

A lot of the products have money back guarantee as well. I can quite honestly confess that every time I visit the site, it is difficult for me to find a design that I may not like. That is unusual- because I can be quite fussy in what I purchase.There are many reasons to buy from here – I’ve tried to be eloquent and describe the experience, but sometimes words just don’t suffice. You need to wear or gift one of these to know what it’s like. For me – well, it’s elegance, beauty and all heart!