High Quality, Cheap Sapphire Rings!

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The word “sapphire” has its origin from the Latin word “saphirus” and the Greek word “sapheiros” which mean blue. Sapphires have been prized gemstones since 800BC. Ancient lore says that the tablet upon which Ten Commandments were written, was actually sapphire. Sir Richard Francis Burton, the Great Oriental Traveler referred his large star sapphire as his “talisman”. While there are many online websites that are claiming to offer cheap sapphire rings, diamonds and other fancy jewelry, we will go ahead and review the sapphire ring desire store that has the cheap yet world class collection.

Review Of Product Catalog:

The online Sapphire Ring Desire store has a vast collection of cheap sapphire rings being offered in various colors. Pink, blue, gold, yellow and white are to name some of them. The pink color sapphire ring collection has anniversary wedding rings and wedding bands as well. Each ring in the collection is very beautifully carved and looks exquisite with the sterling silver holding the pink sapphire stones.

The silver created pink and white sapphire ring combination with 3 stone ring is worth a special mention here. It is absolutely stunning and eye catchy with its sapphire stones. The middle one being the large flanked by smaller pink sapphire stones on both sides. The silver carvings holding the three stones are only adding more value to the entire ring.

The Mothers Rings with Birthstones’ has the option to choose 3 desired birthstones with three names and 1 personal engraving. The “LadyColour Legolas Heart Bermuda Blue Heart Pendant is strikingly gorgeous and will definitely steal the hearts of women. The necklace made out of Swarovski Crystals and the design of the ring is picked up from the arrows of Legolas from The Lord of the Rings:

The Fellowship of the Ring’. The heart sapphire crystal is an inspiration from Titanic film heart of ocean pendant. Another blue sapphire necklace that is worth a mention here is the fashion necklace with Swarovski crystal holding heart shaped pendant. True to its engraving, you are so loved’, the necklace creates a fashion statement for the lady who is wearing it in the party.

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Web Store And User Experience:

Moving on from the catalog of collection to the design of the store, the store is very minimalistic in design with a very friendly and easy to navigate interface. All the product categories have been spread out to users in the form of the horizontal menu on the top of the webstore. The zoom in and zoom out feature of the image with store title ??Sapphire Ring Desire!’ at the center of the webstore home page is very striking and cannot go unnoticed. There is a left hidden navigation menu that appears once the user clicks on ??MENU’ option.

The customer has the option to either follow the top menu or the hidden navigation menu to reach the desired product catalog. Customer can also take help from the search bar located at the right hand top corner placed just above the ??checkout’ button and also another one placed just below the ??menu’ button on the left hand side. The design and positioning of the right hand search bar is well thought of as it is placed in such a way that it doesn’t obstruct the product catalog view.

However, when we try to search for a product, it maximizes itself and appears at the center of the page. The carousal effect causes the home page images scroll and provide a quick glance of the exquisite collection. The home page also lists the catalog sorted by ??Featured Products’ and ??Featured Categories’. The website is also very intuitive in its design with the hidden left and right navigation buttons which appear only when the user brings the cursor on the product. The top scroll button that appears once the users reach the bottom of the screen shows the impeccable design that is part of the webstore.

Quick View

The Quick view’ button that maximizes the selected product providing an ability to user to scroll through all the images associated with the product is another interesting feature that is worth a mention. The feature also provides the user with an ability to choose ring size and metal type. User can also increase or decrease the quantity of the product within this feature. The ??Clear’ button that appears on the metal type menu allows the user to clear the selected specification. User after selecting all the specifications of the product can simply click on the ??Add to Cart’ button for checkout.

Users who are interested in more detailed product information are provided with the ability to choose a particular product by clicking on the product category and selecting the specific product. At this detailed product page, the user is presented with detailed description of the product which includes details such as information related to measurements of the product, return or exchange policy, insurance coverage (if any) available etc. The ??Additional Information’ link gives information related to brand, dimensions and model number etc.

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Easy Navigation

One interesting feature that is very well thought of at this page is the ability to navigate to the next product by clicking on the tiny circled arrow buttons that are very well placed without causing any obstruction to the user while reviewing the product details. One can also zoom in into the product image by simply hovering the cursor over the image or by clicking on the zoom button placed on the left hand side bottom corner of the image. Products can be added to the ??Wishlist’ by way of clicking on the heart’ symbol that appears on the top right hand corner of the product image when we the cursor is placed on the product image.


The blog of the webstore ??Sapphire Ring Desire’ is another important aspect of the webstore. The blog creates an active channel for customers to have a dialog with the store owner through their comments. Maintaining a blog and adding a timely post in the blog creates a feeling among the customers that the store is fresh and the products along with the information are not outdated.

The blog has content rich, timely and quality posts that are attention grabbing and engaging. The design of the blog is also representing the minimalistic feature wherein the user has the ability to review the headlines of all the posts in single glance but can get into details of each post by clicking on ??Continue Reading’ button present below each post.


Based on the cost of the products, it appears as though the webstore is offering cheap sapphire rings. However, the quality of the products and the user experience on the webstore is nothing short of world class.