How To Stack Your Sapphire Ring With Other Rings!

Sapphire is a mineral which is is predominantly found in the color of blue. The name of sapphire comes from the word ??sappheiros’, which translated from Greek means ??blue stone’. The blue color is due to the chemical composition of iron and titanium.

Sapphire symbolizes purity, chastity and constancy. Therefore, a sapphire ring will be an harmonious addition to the innocent and inaccessible. The Sapphire stone can be a compliment for any jewelry collection. Sapphire is known for it’s rich bright color, glitter and graceful shape. Sapphire is the second hardest stone right after the diamonds. This makes it suitable for any type of cut.

Like all gemstones, sapphires must be worn correctly, and this applies not only to the beauty, style and fashion, but also to its properties. Always style sapphire with care. Have in mind that you can combine it with other precious stones such as diamonds and also with rare metals such as white and yellow gold. These combinations are stylish, elegant and true in any fashion trends. Those ladies who chose a gold ring with sapphire are lovers of timeless classics to the avant-garde, because there are many shades of gold and decor options, and thus the sapphire ring will fit perfectly to most preferences.

People who dream of a simpler and more modest decoration can go for a single sapphire ring, which can be bought with a different color of a gold frame like white or yellow. Such rings may be in the super modern style: with a polished surface, sharp edges, hanging decorative pendants, for example.

The frame of the traditional yellow gold ring goes especially well with single large stones with a discreet cut: square, rectangular, and cabochons. This frame can be decorative: with flourishes, patterns, and plates of metals of other colors. Very often sapphires in these rings are diluted with other precious stones, creating the effect of scattering of sparkling jewels.

Let’s say now you would like to stack your sapphire ring with other rings. Here are a few tips on how to do that safely and with style:

• Firstly we have to figure out the personality of those who will wear the sapphire. This depends largely on how to wear it. This stone gives vitality, gives wisdom and prudence. It is worth remembering that it will be a great help in many endeavors for those of you who are with pure thoughts and good intentions.

• Do not forget about the compatibility with other sapphire stones. Sapphire combines favorably with many stones. For example you can match your sapphire ring with other rings with agate, corals, aquamarine, gagate, beryl, garnet, lapis lazuli, jade, malachite, opal, onyx, topaz, carnelian, hrizotopazom, tourmaline, and crystals.
• But with hematite, alexandrite, emerald, pearl, moonstone, chrysolite, jasper, amber, and hyacinth-combination, it is not really recommended.

• Speaking of the finger on which to wear a sapphire, we can say that it can be worn on the ring finger on both hands. People believe that the sapphire is the stone of the heart, love and family. This is probably the reason it is associated with the ring finger.

• As we already said in the article above, the sapphire ring is advisable for a combination with any gold, white or yellow color.

As for more style, there are some rules on how to wear the sapphire:

• It is believed that it is better to wear a sapphire in the summer, as it sparkles in the sun. This makes it shimmering and playful. Yet winter sapphires also look great! Their nice velvety color will be a great addition to the evening dress. In the winter it is better to wear sapphires in a white frame (platinum, white gold).

• Earrings with sapphires suit absolutely any style of clothing if they are in the form of studs;

• A Bright image can be created using large earrings with sapphires that will highlight the face. Moreover, if the earrings are to complete other jewelry (bracelets, pendants, rings), they should not be too flashy;

• It is believed that the sapphire is a stone, which is suitable for older people. However, this is not true. This stone is able to give a special charm and fascination for people of any age. Moreover sapphire is known as a stone of wisdom, which it will present to the young people who will wear it.

Talking about how to take care of sapphire, we can say that for the care of this stone, you can apply the following rules. They are appropriate not only for sapphire but other precious stones as well:

• Store in a box separate from other jewelry;

• Protect the stone from frequent exposure to sunlight;

• Protect the stone from harsh chemicals.
Tips on how to clean the sapphire:

• Clean it with spring water. To do this, put the stone in a bag and place it in a glass of spring water for a while;

• Cleaning in the sunlight. Once the stone has been cleaned with the spring water, it must be put in the sun for half an hour. Thus, the stone will become brighter and fed with solar energy;

• Purification with salt. You can put your sapphire stone in some salt water for a couple of hours;

• Clean with soapy water. The soapy water cleans precious stones very well and restores their original shine. After washing it up, put the stone in a container (porcelain or crystal) in the sun for a few hours;

• Also, the stones can be cleaned with sea water, leaving them in a container with it for 3-4 hours