My Sapphire Engagement Ring….A Personal Story!

sapphire engagement ring silver

I can still vividly recall that one special night when, my then-boyfriend and now my stunning husband, got down to one knee after a wonderful dinner date at our favorite rendezvous with this exquisitely beautiful sapphire ring in the box held with both hands. And now, twenty-five years later and looking at my sapphire engagement ring, it still gives me that butterfly feeling I had when I first saw this beauty.

Sapphires, I know, are second to diamonds in durability and they are very easy to maintain. Engagement rings are often chosen to match the personality of the person being given it and is usually given enough consideration before choosing one. My husband used to say that like a sapphire engagement ring, I am a very practical lady with a very strong personality. A compliment I couldn’t help smiling.

Like the symbols it represents, I am living the life of a dutiful and loving wife and mother to our kids. Doing household chores and tending the kids can be a very tedious job but I’m loving every minute of it. Since I wear my sapphire engagement ring every day, dust, dirt and chemicals may cause the luster of my precious gem to lose its luster and becomes dull at times.

No worries, I know of a few tips on how to take care of our treasured gems and make it last a lifetime and I will be happy to share this with you as you read on.

Tips to properly take care of engagement sapphire rings:

1. Use warm water and a little dishwashing soap. As I mentioned earlier, sapphires are very easy to maintain and with just dishwashing soap and warm water, leaving your ring submerged for ten to twenty minutes can remove the grime that has accumulated around the ring. Be sure to check the temperature of the water to determine that is not too hot but warm enough to remove any grime and stubborn dirt. No need to add or use any chemicals or polishes. Your sapphire ring would be as good as new.

2. Use a soft toothbrush to clean hard to reach places and on the setting. Clean hard to reach areas using a soft toothbrush or using an eyeliner make up brush can also do the trick. Rinse it with lukewarm water.

3. Dry the ring with a soft cotton cloth. Be sure not to leave any water marks on the ring as this may affect its brilliance.

Though it is very easy to take care of the sapphire ring, we must take into consideration the setting on which the sapphire rests. Different metals may react to everyday chemicals we use for cleaning, and even the chemicals on our everyday cosmetics may cause wear our gems.

As a general rule, accessories should be the last thing we wear and the first to be removed after a long and busy day. Also, do not wear your ring when doing household chores as it could damage the ring with the chemicals found on almost all cleaning agents.

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Proper care For The Ring Settings

Different kinds of metals react to different chemical solutions so it is wise to consider the quality of your setting before using anything to clean up our accessories.

Soap and water are excellent cleaning agents for gold and platinum. Just be sure to properly dry off the jewelries as any water spot may affect the gem’s luster. A small drop of ammonia can also be used very rarely but should not be used very often with gold. An occasional use of ammonia won’t do any harm to your gold settings.

Silver on the other hand can withstand mild abrasives and special silver cleaners available at some jewelry or crafts stores. Using baking soda with hot cloth can also effectively remove tarnish.

It is also best to seek assistance from your local jeweler to clean your treasured possessions especially when the sapphire or gem stone is made of high quality. Your jeweler can also repair any loose or broken setting. They have an option to remove tarnish using ultrasonic or steam methods.

When not in use, it is equally important to properly store your jewelries to prevent scratching each other. Sapphires can easily scratch other stones and can also be scratched by diamonds so it is advisable to store them away from the rest of your collection. You may want to use a jewelry box with separate compartments to keep it more organized, or you may also store your sapphires separately in pouches.

sapphire engagement ring - sparlkle silver

Do not expose your rings for a very long time under the heat of the sun as this could affect your gem’s color and lose its shine and may also cause cracks.

Engagement rings are not just any other addition to your collection. It also carries the memories you cherish with your loved one, the promise of forever and a life together to look forward to. Giving proper attention to our rings may also reflect on how we feel about our marriage and our partner in general.

Wearing the ring gives our partners an assurance of love and a sense of belongingness. Men may not be verbally romantic but giving a sapphire engagement ring tells a lot about how he feels about you, and with that, you should be more than thankful.

My husband claims to feel secured every time he sees me wearing my engagement ring and now, it’s still shining brightly beside my wedding ring. Like me, he can also recall how nervous he had been that day when he asked for my hand in marriage. He is equally thankful to get my “Yes.”

We’ve been happily married now for 25 years and my sapphire engagement ring still shines as beautifully on that romantic evening when I first laid eyes on it.

I’m sure you’ve got your own stories to tell underneath the rings you now have. With the tips I shared, I am sure that yours will also last forever. Showing proper appreciation to his efforts and gifts would make them feel secured in your relationship and can make your bond even stronger.