What Is Ring Stacking And How Do You Do It Right?

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Rings have become accessories that punctuate one’s dressing. In fact, not only for the ladies, the men have also joined the bandwagon and put on other types of rings aside from their wedding rings. Since time immemorial, rings have been a part of the dress-code without which, one is said not to be fully dressed. Rings are worn for various reasons such as to symbolize authority as a ruler, they are also mostly worn to symbolize the sealing of a union between two people in love either during a wedding or through an engagement. It is also worn for aesthetic value depending on your taste and preference for jewelry. There are many ways to accessorize your fingers in pearly details, one of them being ring stacking.


As the name suggests, ring stacking is a way of putting multiple rings on just one finger. This has been a statement in the fashion industry that has wowed and mesmerized just about anyone whose eyes come to contact with it. People stack as many as four rings on just one finger to improve on their grooming skills especially in the sector of jewelry. One thing that is of importance to note is that, you cannot just stack rings on your fingers in any way you feel, it is an art that is mastered by very few indeed.

This article shall shed some light on the right way to do ring stacking. First thing to note is that you cannot stack one big ring on top of another, the rings you select for stacking should so much lighter on your finger. After all, the essence of every find of dressing is comfort and so your fingers should also be comfortable. Stacking kilos of carats on your finger can do so much damage to your finger. Efficient flow of blood is hindered as a result of overburdening your fingers with big and heavy rings.


As you stack them one by one, pay close attention to the comfort issue, does it get heavier and more painful with each ring stacked? If so, you have to go back to the drawing board and assess the kinds of rings you are stacking. Now that you know the basics of ring stacking, it all boils down to your taste in jewelry, not to mention your skill and finesse in the mixing of these pieces of jewelry. The basic rule is that you should not stack the same metals together on one finger.

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This displays monotony which is a complete turn-off in the fashion industry. Therefore, exude creativity by mixing metals that are totally different from each other. You can opt to do this under the guidance and supervision of someone that has been in the jewelry business long enough to let you know when your final product is not at all appealing. Do your research on the internet as there is so much to learn about different types of rings in regards to your shoes and dressing.


No one said it was going to be an easy venture or that it was also going to be a daunting task, it is only a question of whether making your own statement is your cup of tea. If it is, you will not have to break a sweat in creating something unique. As much as we all delight in rocking something that no one has ever seen or perceived before, we should aim to do this with a touch of elegance. Mixing an array of metals such as gold, silver and even platinum gives your rings an aura of rich and classic sophistication and also makes you stand out from all the rest.

They say that variety is the spice of life. This is true even when it comes to ring stacking, you can try to be as audacious as to inculcate different colors of the metals chosen into your mix. You will be surprised at how everything will turn out. Before you know it, your pictures and details of your ring stacking creation will be on almost every prominent blog on social media.Ring stacking has so much to do with your choice of wardrobe and the occasion.

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If it is an auspicious one, you can’t afford to go all simple, you have to say it with the stacks of rings you have on your fingers. In essence, first you have to decide what to wear and suddenly your rings will each fall into place. As much as we have had it said that simplicity is the highest form of elegance, don’t dwell too much on the simplicity aspect which will tend to make your ring stacking appear too plain. There is nothing as disastrous as this when it comes to fashion so keep your eyes open.

Along the way, you will also come to realize that your personality and character will have a major role to play in the ring stacking venture. If you are not the showy kind of person and you love to be reserved, then adding a huge cocktail ring that will draw everyone’s attention to your mix of ring stacks is not for you. Stick to the thin-sized, gold-coated rings with pearly details that you feel will offer nothing but comfort and exude a level of sophistication that is simply unmatched.


They will make you attain that much-desired chic and sassy look.The next time you go out shopping for jewelry and don’t find something that interests you or matches your description, there is always the option of getting your jewelry customized. It gets even better when your significant other understands your taste in rings and goes the extra mile of having one designed just for you.

Don’t you just love that priceless feeling of warmth that radiates from within when the thought of it strikes you? Someone takes their time to make you feel special in such a way that not even you will be able to understand but to appreciate the effort. Ring stacking has brought a whole new revolution to accessorizing especially in the modern age, so let’s embrace it and give it our all. Cheers!