The Power Of The Pink Sapphire Ring!

pink sapphire ring and green

Gem experts categorize pink sapphires as only one of many colours touted by this precious and highly popular class of gemstones. Found in only a few locations around the world, the gemstone features a range of colours from pale pink, baby pink to hot shades of pink that some might take to be of a violet colour. According to tradition, sapphire gemstones represent sincerity and trust which go well with long term commitments, so a pink sapphire ring would be most appropriate for engagements and weddings, along with other social events.

Pink Sapphire For Pre-Nuptial Occasions

It is said that pink sapphire is one of the most eye-catching gemstones which gained worldwide publicity when Princess Diana was given an 18-carat, oval shaped sapphire and diamond engagement ring by Prince Charles. As an embedded gemstone for engagement rings, the pink sapphire is well known for its healing properties that date back many thousands of years. It is supposed to have therapeutic qualities that can rid a person of his/her past emotional problems and clear the way for a stress free life of marital bliss.

It is because of these traditional properties that this gemstone has become highly suitable for wearing on a ring as the Main Gemstone or with other gemstones that prove suitable for the couple getting engaged. It is also believed that sapphires can balance the forces of fire and water thereby making people unusually stronger, liberated, and therefore possess clearer minds with which to make sound and correct decisions for their future lives. Their added reputation as gems of truth makes red sapphires highly appropriate for pre-nuptial couples to wear before they commit themselves forever to a marital relationship.

Wearing Pink Sapphire For Weddings

If the pink sapphire ring is ideal as engagement rings, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be perfect for wedding rings on their own or in combination with the popular diamond. After all they are very close to one another in glitter, value and durability which, according to experts, will last a lifetime. What is particularly enticing about sapphire wedding rings is that they can be subjected to enhancements that can render the ring a more spectacular look. Nevertheless one needs to be careful when dealing with enhancements as they can spoil the gemstone quality.

As the gemstone of purity, truth, and many blessings, the pink sapphires are the perfect gemstones to deck the wedding rings of newly-weds so that their qualities can overflow into their very lives and fortify their relationship so it can last for the rest of their lives. For a longer life span, pink sapphire wedding rings should be closely protected so they are not scratched by other jewelry pieces especially those sporting diamonds which are harder than sapphires.

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Other Occasions For Wearing Pink Sapphires

While the above two occasions are accepted generally as being the most appropriate times when people are expected to wear these expensive and highly prized gemstones, most of us can accept the traditional practice of wealthy personages of the ancient world wearing all sorts of gemstones to broadcast their status such as kings, queens, emperors and empresses, sultans, caliphs and the like. But wearing pink sapphires, which are uniquely valued, and worn most to herald important events in our everyday lives, they can and should be worn all the time because of their healing potential to many parts of the body as itemized below. This is a very practical and realistic method since red sapphire is also used in the manufacture of watches.

It has been said that the pink sapphire ring has the ability to assist in strengthening and balancing the heart. Some also say that it can act as a stabilizer of the body’s content of blood sugar, metabolism for glucose, and a healing agent for diabetes. Others claim that the sapphire can also cool down overheated bodily systems and regulate the functions of the glands. Blood illnesses are cured and excessive bleeding stopped. Surprisingly it has been rumored to be able to bolster the veins and enhance their elastic properties.

Activating Emotions

While doing this, the sapphire also has the ability of activating the emotions of a person and eliminates the need to dwell on past incidents and heal emotional wounds by stimulating a forgiving attitude and allowing individuals to move forward with confidence. It is said to be the embodiment of passion and strength of heart and purpose, dispelling shyness and bolstering courage and outflow of emotions to others from the wearer.

The pink sapphire ring has also been known to provide stimulus to the heart chakra in the vicinity of the central breastbone. It can control and regulate relations with the physical world by holding sway over what we accept and refuse thereby giving us balanced existence. From it, the wearer gets to understand the fluctuations of his/her emotional relationships with others, their cyclic nature and a pliancy of attitude for accepting changes.

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Spiritual Power

The pink sapphire ring can also act as a magnet to draw spiritual power into the body to affect changes that bring shrewdness and discernment which in turn brings prosperity and fulfillment to the dreams of the wearer. Appreciation and gratitude for the present life and a longing for a life of reciprocity with the Divine is yet another attribute of this gemstone for all whoever dons it during their lives.

There are other amazing traditional attributes of the pink sapphire ring  such as in meditating, dreaming, angelic and goddess propensities. One has to admit that these phenomenal attributes are incredible. This would lead one to believe that in addition to engagements, weddings and displays of royal status, the red sapphire should be worn every day. This would be ideal to skeptics, but who nevertheless would like to think that wearing a pink sapphire somewhere on the body may result in a bodily, spiritual and mental health that may last a lifetime.