Why Is the Gold Sapphire Ring So Magnificently Stylish?

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The wide world of fashion will always be rapidly changing, but rings are forever timeless. Rings have long been a beloved piece of jewelry that allows it’s wearers to make a bold fashion statement. Whether it’s for a casual brunch, formal dinners, or a night out on the town…rings look absolutely fabulous no matter what the event is! Some may say that wearing rings is their staple, go-to piece of jewelry. After all, there are many different rings for many different pivotal occasions, including wedding rings, promise rings, class rings, and more. While rings come in all different shapes and sizes, there is one type that truly stands out, the gorgeous gold sapphire ring.

What Is A Gold Sapphire Ring?

A gold sapphire ring is a magnificent piece of jewelry that is surely to gain you many compliments. First, let’s start with the band. The band is a beautiful gold piece of art with many different design variations. The gemstone is a sapphire, which most typically is a stunning shade of royal blue. However, sapphires can sometimes be found in a wide variety of other colors. As with the band, the gemstone can be cut into many different cuts. These cuts include emerald cut, square emerald cut, heart shaped, cushion cut, princess cut, oval diamond cut, brilliant cut, and round brilliant cut. With so many options, choosing your gold sapphire ring is extremely customizable to your personal style.

How Much Do gold Sapphire Rings Cost?

Authentic golden sapphire rings typically range between 200 to 5,000 dollars. However, this widely varies due to the many different shapes, sizes, and other customization options. Sapphires are consistently praised for being cheaper than diamonds, and at the same time, high quality.

How Should I wear A Gold sapphire Ring?

While fashion is always subjective, there is no wrong way to wear a sapphire ring. However, for those who look for the latest trends, or just simply need some fashion based advice, top stylists have given their suggestions on how to rock this ring.

If you enjoy layering your rings, it is suggested to place the sapphire ring on first, before adding the other bands. If you plan on layering or adding other rings, emerald, blue topaz, and opal are pleasant pairings to the lovely sapphire hues. However, the golden sapphire ring is also a great stand-alone hand accessory, with no other rings needed to make it fashionable.

The ring oozes elegance and will look wonderful with any formal attire. Because the gold sapphire ring is a bold piece of jewelry, it is highly suggested to keep your outfit basic if planning on dressing casual. This means choosing solid, neutral colors. Staying away from bright, busy patterns is recommended as these will distract the eye from your sapphire ring. Using these clothing tips will allow the ring to be the star of the show. It is also suggested that wearing outfits with blue features will provide the ring with a “pop”. Other colors that compliment gold and sapphire are light pink, peach, and beige.

It is not recommended to wear a necklace with other gemstones as the star piece. Instead, wearing a simple gold or silver necklace will pair better and look more fashionable. Because the gold sapphire ring is of high quality, it is not suggested to pair it with any kind of costume jewelry. Avoid plastic and wooden jewelry when piecing your outfit together.

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Wearing Your Hair Up

Wearing your hair up is a wonderful way to finish your look. Wearing a bun or high pony tail will compliment the “class” that the sapphire exudes. If you are not a fan of wearing your hair up, simply pull the stands away from your face with bobby pins or a head band to create a flawless, elegant look.
When applying eye make-up, a smokey eye is not recommended. Instead, try opting for a light blue or green shadow to compliment the sapphire’s hue. When applying face make-up, keep incorporating cool colors. A light brush of peach or pink blush will really look great with the sapphire shade. Any pink, red, or nude shade of lipstick will also pair nicely. However, lighter shades are recommended.Play around with different looks! There is no “correct” style for everyone. Each and every person has their own individual taste. So, have fun piecing together new looks with your gold, sapphire ring!

When And where Should I Wear My Gold Sapphire Ring?

You can wear your ring anywhere you’d like! Many opt to wear their gold sapphire ring to work or school. Others choose to only wear their ring to formal or special events. Some even wear their rings everywhere they go, hardly taking them off. It has even been reported that the gold sapphire ring is becoming increasingly common as an engagement ring in lieu of the regular, common diamond piece. Many are opting to purchase a glam gold sapphire ring as their class ring, as well! It is important to note, however, that wearing your ring is not recommended in situations or locations where it could become lost or damaged. Storing it in a safe place, such as a jewelry box or ring tree, is a safe way to prevent loss or damage.

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A Great Addition

A sapphire ring is a great addition to any fashion lover’s wardrobe. With it’s class, elegance, and beauty…it’s easy to fall instantly in love with this piece of jewelry. It’s radiant beauty will allow you to exude confidence as you dawn your stylish look. The sapphire is very durable. So, with the proper care, your sapphire ring will stay with you for a long time, and could even be passed down to future generations.

Sapphire rings can be found online or at your local jewelers. Be sure to customize the piece to your heart’s desire. There is nothing more fashionable than a piece that represents your true self! A sapphire ring is timeless and a great purchase for your next ring. So, go out there and show off this magnificent piece of jewelry! It will be sure to stun your friends, and make you feel radiantly beautiful while out and about!