How To Clean And Maintain Your Sapphire Engagement Ring!

Did the man after your heart present you with a sapphire engagement ring? Well, Sapphire engagement rings are among the most valuable jewelry that your spouse can present to you. These rings are second to diamonds when it comes to durability. Sapphire engagement rings have continued to gain more popularity among the masses. It is good to understand how to clean and maintain these rings. If you have been looking for tips on How to clean and maintain your “sapphire engagement ring” then worry no more because you have come to the right place. Here is a simple but informative guide on how to clean and maintain these rings without going through much of a hassle.


Before we embark on the cleaning, you need to understand that Sapphire rings require very little care. This is among the reasons why most couples prefer them over other. However, rings made from Sapphire tend to attract grime on and around the stone when worn for sometime. Therefore, it becomes important that you understand some of the simple care techniques to maintain the radiant and shiny look for your ring. The good thing about Sapphire engagement rings is that they do not require any special jewelry cleaner or even polishes in order to remove the filth they are going to accumulate after a long period of use.

In other words, maintaining a sapphire engagement ring is not only easier but also less costly when compared to other types out there. It only takes an adequate amount of water that can fully cover the piece of jewelry in question, ian addition to a degreasing detergent. It is wise to apply a dish degreasing detergent to ensure proper cleaning and durability of your ring. Although there are other cleaning detergents that you can use to remove filth from the ring, it is good to use dish detergent because it is effective and safe. It is advisable to avoid adding abrasives as well as moisturizers to the water during the cleaning exercise.


• Gently wash your engagement ring in a trough containing soapy water.

• Allow the ring to sit in the water for a period of around 10-20 minutes in order to remove the filth. The duration you should leave the ring in the water, depends on the amount of filth it has accumulated by the time of cleaning the same. If it has more dirt then it implies that you will have to leave it in the water longer to completely remove the dirt from the jewelry.

• If you find it necessary, then you can use a soft bristle toothbrush in order to remove any form of stubborn dirt or the hard to reach spots on the ring like beneath the stone, as well as around the setting.

• Rinse the ring using water and clean water

• Dry the ring with the help of a soft clean cotton cloth

• In case the ring still appears to be cloudy, you can repeat the entire cleaning exercise.

• If you opt to apply jewelry cleaner to the ring then you should examine different cleaning kits out there so that you can make an informed decision in the long run. Ensure that the cleaning kit you are gong to settle on is not only effective in removing filth but also safe for the ring. There are certain cleaners that can destroy your engagement ring a few months down the line. It is good to read reviews of different cleaning agents in order to select the best from them. Do not waste time and effort on cleaning kits with negative reviews.


There are certain metals that tend to react badly when you expose them to certain chemicals. For instance, you need to know that platinum and gold do not react when placed in water and soap solution. You should take care to ensure that the settings are dry in order to avoid making the stone lose as well as prevent the occurrence of water spots among other effects that are bound to arise in the process of cleaning your jewelry piece.

In case you do not take these aspects into consideration when cleaning, you are likely to affect how light will shine through your ring thereby causing it to lose its attractive nature. Ammonia is not good for gold hence it should not be applied more often during the cleaning process. However, occasional contact with the metal does not come with much damage. In addition, silver is known to be sensitive and requires great care in order to maintain its look. You can use a professional polishing cloth to clean the metal instead of soaking the ring in water. Soaking can rub down the silver on the ring, thus leaving it looking less attractive than anticipated.


If you have a high quality ring it is recommended to seek for professional cleaning services. Although many consider this as an extra cost, it will make the precious piece to last longer and retain its attractiveness. There are many experts out there who can help clean the ring. However, you should consider the reputation and quality of services offered by the experts before making any move.


The way you are going to store the ring after it has been cleaned is equally very important. You should by a jewelry box for keeping your ring to avoid any form of scratches. The ring should be kept separately from other jewelry to avoid scratches. Proper storage will help to keep the ring shiny over a long period. Good luck!