Why Is The Black Sapphire Ring So Often Overlooked?

black sapphire ring - gold

Rings are being used by the people since ages and have been changing in shapes and designs with time. Thousands of years back, cave dwellers preferred grass strands as rings. Later on, Royals in the Egypt came up with gemstone studded rings, and it was then that such rings came to the forefront. Choosing a perfect ring for yourself can be a bit confusing task as there are hundreds of options available to you in terms of metal, artistry, design, style and stones.

More and more couples today are marking their imminent betrothal with sapphire engagement rings. Sapphires are a fashionable alternative to the traditional look of diamonds, and the naturally blue gemstones don’t sacrifice the durability or hardness that comes with buying diamonds. If you feel that you want to mark your marriage with an eye-catching colored stone, a sapphire engagement ring may be your best bet.


High fashion jewelry loves to play with colors so that the pieces stand out and can act as a specialized adornment for special outfits you wear for multiple types of occasions. The many shades and color combinations for jewelry may seem endless, but many jewelers try to restrict themselves to tinted varieties of gemstones rather than staying with the simple diamond. These vividly colored stones work great in any jewelry whether bracelets, necklaces, pendants, or charms. A fashionable and stylish gemstone ring tend to be the world’s favorite variety of jewelry that uses bright and bold coloring.

Sapphires are the finest gems, available in various vibrant colors. These gemstones typically derived from a common mineral called corundum with just one imperative admonition – sapphires are only sapphires when they are not red in color; the red variety is called rubies. Factually, there is another variation to this rule – there is a typical blend of a pink-orangish variety of this gemstone, which is known as padparadscha. Sapphires are primarily used for jewelry making, such as sapphire rings and sapphire embedded jewelry items.


Well if we ask many people right now if they want a black sapphire ring, their answer would probably be no. This could be because they have never seen them or because they never had a high value in the eyes of the society. But black diamonds are priced higher than many colorful gemstones such as citrines or amethysts. This is because of the diamond name it has, which is almost like a brand name by itself.

But let’s get back to the black gemstones. What are the other ones you have heard about? Probably Onyx would be the first in your mind. While Onyx has been used for a very long time in jewelry, they are not so popular with the best designers and creators because of their fragility and their lack of luster. But the low price of these gems can be used in jewelry that will be attractive to the people only because of the presence of natural gemstones.

There are also the Black Spinels that are mainly sourced and manufactured in Thailand. They are pretty gems and have a nice brilliance in them while being completely black. But the name of Spinel, which hasn’t been commercialized and explained enough to the public, has kept them in the shadow of the other black precious stones.

black sapphire ring on hand


So where are we going with this? Because if you are considering the use in jewelry or the purchase of a natural black gemstone your choices seem limited, and none is perfect. Black diamonds are highly priced, black onyx is fragile and lacks the sparkles that make all the difference, while Black Spinels are unknown to the people.

The black sapphire ring has been valued since ancient times for the association with the sky and heavens. Sapphires are most commonly thought of as being a sparkling medium to dark blue but actually come in any color seen in the sky. Most popular are the deep blues, which, when set off by diamonds, just glow. Sapphires have a traditional association with truth, honesty and faithfulness, and this tradition makes them perfect for engagement or friendship rings to be given to a valued companion.


When considering the black sapphire ring, you should keep in mind that it is deemed a unique stone. The good thing about it is that it’s cheap. If you are looking for a black and opaque gemstone, this is not a bad choice because sapphire is extremely hard. Whether you will decide to give the black sapphire ring a chance comes down to your personal preferences; just be aware of what this stone is really worth before making a purchase decision. Black sapphires come mainly from Australia and are mined in large quantities.

When you are in the market to buy a black sapphire ring, you must look for the perfect cut of the sapphire. If you opt for an oval cut sapphire, you can save good money as compared to the sapphire with a round shape. You should also check the attached labels to ascertain whether the ring is studded with created or cultured stone. Such labeled stones are available at lesser rice as they are not genuine stones. Therefore, any ruby or sapphire ring that has cultured sapphires or rubies should never be purchased at a hefty price.

Sapphires are a very durable gem. They can stand up to years of wearing and can be cleaned using sonic cleaners for easy care. Sapphires will maintain the glowing presentation that attracted you to purchase your ring for years to come. For a ring to last you through the years, sapphires are difficult to surpass. These rings will absolutely maintain their initial brilliance and color throughout the years.

black sapphire ring and band

Rings should be properly scrutinized using a microscope for any deposits, inclusions or flaws. As the number of inclusions increase, the price of gemstones starts decreasing. It is not that easy to buy sapphire studded rings and one should do considerable research on the Internet, and opt for the reputable online buyers that have been in this field since years. They guarantee their rings and you get what you are interested in at a fair price right at your door.

So when considering all of this factors, if you are looking to create a new jewelry that hasn’t been exploited yet, you can go with a shining black sapphire ring and to be more precise, a natural black sapphire would be your best bet.